Treatment to Know My Oneness with Spirit

Play audio file here:  Treatment to Know My Oneness with Spirit
Download printable PDF here:  Treatment to Know My Oneness with Spirit


Purpose and Recognition:  As we embark on the Spiritual Path, the most desired experience is Oneness.  Often we think there is more to Oneness than just a realization, as if there were a “feeling” or an exalted state of consciousness we should be experiencing.  So today, just for this NOW moment, I am open to accept a greater knowingness.    To achieve this…Say:

I know that there is only God.  All that exists anywhere throughout the Universe is the manifestation of One Divine Creative Agency.  All that God is can be seen and understood in each and very molecule of Life showing forth as both the form and the formless.  Spirit is the most True, most real thing in the Universe.  Oneness is Its Unity with Itself and this Unity is expressing right where I am.

Unification:  I know the very Essence of Life is Good.  That Good demonstrates through me NOW as Perfect Life.  I am a child of the Divine, and all that is of the One is included within me.  I am a realization of Truth.  I am a beholder of Good and a receiver of that Good.  I announce my True Essence by recognizing that I AM, and that all that I am is One with All that is.

Realization:  There is only One Life and that Life is my Life NOW!  The Unified Presence of God demonstrates as the Perfection of Wholeness within me, therefore I can never be separate from that which is creative within me.  I understand the Truth of my Being and I celebrate in knowing my Oneness with Spirit.  Spirit animates my body giving life to my being.  I move and live and have my being in Christ, the Self that knows its Oneness with God.  Every action that I express is the fluidity of the Universe moving by means of me.  Every thought that I have originates from within the Mind of God within me.  Every sense that my body experiences, is the joy of God expressing through me.  My physical form is simply a projection of my consciousness and consciousness is a thing of Eternal Wholeness.  That which is in my experience emanates from the very thought of God within me and I recognize it for what it is.  I celebrate this collaboration of my self to my spirit.  I accept this as One.  There is no mixture within me or the Good that is God expressing as me.

Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for this awareness, knowing that the Infinite is actively expressing as me NOW.  My heart and my mind offer my gratitude for this “pearl of great price.”

Release:  And so in complete trust and faith, with the conviction of unification, I release this word into the Law of Mind, knowing that my word continues to demonstrate according to the meditations of my heart.  As so being, I just say it is so.

And so it is.     Amen


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