Treatment to Overcome Depression

Play audio file here:  Treatment to Overcome Depression
Download printable PDF here:  Treatment to Overcome Depression

Purpose and Recognition: When we find that Life doesn’t treat us fairly, or when things get us down emotionally, what we all seek is to overcome that sinking feeling.  Depression acts as a barrier to pain, yet at the same time, creates thoughts and feelings that stimulate spiraling downward.  Our lives can seem overwhelming, and current conditions can appear as if there is no hope to resolve them.  Yet there is a way out…..Say:


I know that there is only One Life and that Life is God.  Everything in Life is sustained and maintained by the One Infinite Source which is God.  Infinite Life stimulates creation and change and this creation changes all things into a greater version of Life Itself.  Joy, Love, Peace, Wholeness and Perfection is in and through all things, for the Creator Itself ordained this before time came into being.

Unification: I know that I am One with the very Essence that is God.  God and I are expressing Life as One Infinite Union.  That which God is I am.  Joy, Love, Peace, Wholeness and Perfection are my very Unity.  All things in my Life are an extension of the Unity of Love and Harmony.  Joy is my Life.  Peace is my Life.  Wholeness is my Life.  God is Love and Love is my Life NOW!

Realization: I claim that everything which I encounter, undertake, endeavor or imagine, express through the very Wholeness which is God in me.  My Essence creates newness and change with each and every breath.  That which once may have haunted me, frightened me, limited me, or left me with a sense of insecurity, can no longer affect me, for my thought is clear and my mind is staid on God.  I no longer entertain ideas of doubt and fear.  Anything contrary to Perfection cannot be, for God is Perfect within me.  All I see sends waves of excitement through me.  All I touch sends my senses flying into overdrive with ecstasy, for I am expressing the very touch of God.  All I hear reminds me of my Unity with Love.  All I taste gives me pleasure and satisfaction, for I know it feeds me and sustains me turning into beauty, health and prosperity.  Every person I interact with sees the change in my demeanor.  I radiate joy.  I celebrate happiness.  I am NOW free from any idea of less-than or not-enough.  My self-esteem is elevated to the level of success.  I am beautiful.  I am intelligent.  I am safe.  I am Love.

Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for the awareness that I am NOW excited for my Life.  I am grateful to have spoken this treatment and I celebrate in joy for its eternal action in my life.  Gratefully I surrender my past, joyfully accepting my NOW.

Release:   I release this prayer treatment into the Law of Mind, knowing that the activity of Truth has acted upon my Word and made this so.  It is done here and it is done NOW.

And so it is.



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