Finding Our Way

As I was reading today, studying something to put on the website, I was reminded of why I came into New Thought.

When I originally landed in a Religious Science church, I knew I was home.  Something about what I was hearing, and the way it was being delivered, gave me that feeling of inner recognition.  I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I felt it.  Today that feeling is still alive and kicking!

I had the Science of Mind open, putting together the portion soon to be on the website under Spiritual Mind Treatment, and what so clearly came to me was why I love this teaching:  it is so rational.  My affection for the thought process involved through Spiritual Mind Treatment is what brought me to the Science of Mind and kept me coming back through the door each and every Sunday.

Now, I am leading this discourse to get to the question, “have we lost what we had” in Religious Science and given it up for the hope that more people will show up through our doors if we move away from the law and head toward the love?

Remembering the exhilaration of discovering how powerful it is to uncover the basis of my experiences in life through the actions of my thoughts was unbelievably freeing.  I took that learning and discovery through all the class work that was offered in our churches and even created some of my own after becoming a minister, but I can’t help but think that where the latest rendition of Religious Science is headed, will not produce the effect that is promised from its founder, Ernest Holmes.

I remain open and attentive to the Divine and thus far, cannot find any value in name changes, policy changes, office changes, by-law changes, and personality changes that have added to the experience I felt today as I opened the textbook and read Ernest Holmes.

Working on the page Spiritual Mind Treatment and seeing that many of us ministers are feeling as if treatment is no longer necessary, may have forgotten that those who first come through our doors may be seeking an elementary understanding of the Science of Mind, it’s application, and how to recreate the patterns of thought that produce greater Good in their lives.  Do we give up this “feeling” to capture Oprah’s audience?  Do we drive those who are coming for an absolute Truth away to sell a relative change for just a better human experience?

I got so excited reading the text book, as I do each and every day during my daily practice and study period, that my mind went to that place of trying to remember how many ministers have praised Ernest in the last year on our own list serve!  All that I could recall is people praising themselves, other avenues of science, different modern day teachers, or asking if anyone knew a quote from Ernest about…

When you enter a church…what do you see?  What did you desire when you walked through the door?  Were you seeking freedom or fellowship, or did you think that there might be something there, some straightway path to change your life?

The statistics show that people generally go to church to meet people and that very few people show up at church for the teaching or philosophy.  If people meet Seven people in a month they generally will stick around to learn what the church is about.  So has church become a social hall or can it remain a place of sacred worship?

I so enjoyed the work I was doing, reminding myself of all the years of practice and training to develop a spiritual life and an art in giving Spiritual Mind Treatments, that I cannot imagine ever not praying.

You see, in Religious Science, or New Thought for that matter, we say “it is already done.”. However…it is done unto us as we believe.  So, when I see the direction people are reaching towards, and I am remembering i am walking the sacred path of those greats before us, what I see is everyone has had a deeply dedicated prayer life.

Prayer has gotten a bad name because people assume that if we ask God for something that we are reinforcing a statement of lack, or that we may not be worthy of receiving what we ask for.  Or that, maybe we don’t feel prayer is necessary any longer because we are so enlightened and have done years of practice and we are fully convinced that which is Good is already ours, yet I can’t help but think that since Ernest said our Word is Law, that if we stop believing that prayer is necessary that we shall eventually be so loving that we are lawless.

When there is no law there is no order and when there is no order there is chaos.  Having tried both chaos and order, I prefer order…even if it means that I pray.

If you found that you need something to make your life better…I say pray for that very thing…follow it with the action necessary to achieve it, and then make sure you share it with someone else.

I am grateful that you have read this far.  I know that what each of us seek is to have a greater experience in life than we have ever had before (and it doesn’t matter how good our experiences have been thus far!), and that not only do we desire this for ourselves, but I would bet that you would be even happier to experience this if you knew someone else was going to experience it with you.

“There is a Power for Good in the Universe, and you can use it!”

If you will join me…let’s bring the Spirit of Religious Science back to humanity!  Let’s let the oracles, rituals, circles and models be what they are…let us learn to be conscious avenues of the Divine, absolute in our recognition of our Oneness.  Lets not have our Good be a mixture of ideas…just…God.  One!  One!  One!

“I am nearer than your breath, closer than your hands and feet!”

We don’t need to change those things on the outside to be more attractive to a limited life, let us not fear the future.  The only future we shall know is eternity.  This is the only ground we have to prepare for eternity, today is when we build consciousness.

“The things of the world shall pass away, but my words shall never leave you.”


  1. A couple of sentences I didn’t understand and maybe typos. About half way thru “…how many ministers have praised Ernest in the last year on our own list serve!”

    And near the end: “We don’t need to change those things on the outside to be more attractive to a limited life,…”

    But more to the point, maybe there are advantages to not having the social aspects of a brick and mortar church. When things get social you have situations like “A” type personalities trying to control others; or two people meet, date and have a bitter breakup. Then they are uncomfortable seeing each other at church. Stuff like that.

    So without the social aspect (which we all need I admit) people would come here to get their Spiritual needs met. The local brick and mortar can reinforce the spiritual and provide the social, etc. They can be complementary.

    Plus there are things you can do here that are impossible otherwise. You could give a talk from North Hollywood and Keith Leon could provide the music from Vermont. And the person “attending” could be in North Carolina. Try that with a brick and mortar church.


    • Not a typo Tim. If you continued to read, you would notice that I spoke about the minister’s list serve. Although it might be odd that we should, as minister’s praise Ernest Holmes’ work, it is not odd to avoid the founder and we praise each other or other modern day teachers, which points to me how the new wave of “creating a world that works for everyone” may be leading the way. I was simply making a point to back up the direction Religious Science is moving. Seeking to acquire Oprah’s audience, which is the comment to “seeking the limited life” pointed to (in other words, that our Good must come from someone else) rather than create a teaching strong enough to gain its own momentum the way that Ernest built it up. There may be something to become aware of the further we travel away from the teaching in hopes of gaining more visitor’s at our centers. Of course it is all fear based, lack consciousness, and self-esteem issues. But things always must change, so I am not knocking them, just posting an observation that stimulates contemplation. Modern day terminology might be, “Food for thought.”

  2. I think I understand what you are saying. Let me put it in my own words.

    People go to church for social reasons. Churches need bodies and $, so they emphasize the popular new thought flavor of the month.

    The RS form of prayer is different, complex and requires study and practice to do correctly. So it is not emphasized.

    Related, but not exactly on topic, is a thought I had thinking this thru. You read and studied the Bible in solitary. You learned and applied that knowledge. That was phase one.

    Like the Bible, Holmes SOM is complex, convoluted, seemingly contradictory at times and written in an old fashion style of language. So you study his book in solitude. That is phase two.

    I mention this because it gives me (and hopefully others) clarity about your stated purpose. Am I seeing things accurately?

    • Actually…yes I studied the bible both in solitude as well as in group sessions as we developed an understanding through using others books and authors, much like Ernest Holmes did developing the science of mind.
      Holmes work was not all his own, though we as an organization credit him for his synthesis of others work.
      Treatment is not complex at all. It is a very simple set of arguments to convince the mind of the Truth. Everything begins with Perfect God, Perfect Being, Perfect Man.
      Our series of arguments simply reframes the relative into the absolute, leaving no room for doubt, and fear.
      So this is why I use the argumentative mixed with the affirmative statements in all my treatments I put on the website. Ernest was a master at combining both within one single sentence.
      He also had only three steps to treatment not five. He did not have a gratitude or release.
      First recognition, then unification then realization.
      The last two steps were added after his death.
      I am dedicated to teaching the science of mind and to not water it down to attract people or to gain an audience. Because statistically the western culture is not participating in churches as much as the previous fifty years, and I believe because the consciousness is enveloped in doing business the same way it did before technology was here. People don’t have time for church anymore because technology supplies them with information they receive in churches from a million places and avenues and media choices that they know they would be missing out on while they are restricted from using their prized devices during a church service.
      Technology needs to be included in the service to recognize the speed at which people utilize information.
      I have seen some churches put iPads in the backs of chairs and allow people to dual view both the service and browse the Internet.
      Progressive churches challenge the audience to search for stuff and interact with the service being delivered and that requires the presenter to be very well schooled so the message can be tailored in real time.
      We want the truth! Not someone else’s truth…the Truth!
      Not some watered down version or some limited version…we want the whole truth and we want it now!
      Moving away from law has brought us into a phase of instant gratification and so it’s lasting effect is shallow and dollar less. When there is no time investment there is no lasting dollar return.
      Love does not respond to expectations it responds to intentions. But the real hard part to get is your intention cannot have any expectation mixed in!
      We cannot have any mixture within our good.
      Hope that helps clarify.

  3. OK, I think the last sentence contains a typo: “We cannot have any moisture within our good.”

    Although to be perfectly honest, some of my goodest times involved a lot of moisture:-)

    First a question, actually a request for clarification. You wrote: “Love does not respond to expectations it responds to intentions. But the real hard part to get is your intention cannot have any expectation mixed in!”

    I am unclear about the difference between intention and expectation in relation to Love. Let me put this in the way I understand it: My intention is to have a healthy, loving relationship with a women. My expectation is that she will act certain ways that fulfill my needs. I am putting my needs above her being. So my expectations would destroy the relationship. Is that correct?

    I disagree about treatment not being complex. It is a system of thought that is foreign to most and like a unknown foreign language is not understandable. My oversimplified view of the typical prayer: It is too the Man in the Sky with the white beard (God) and goes like this: “I am sick, make me healthy.” “I am broke, send me money.” “I am lonely, send me someone who loves me.”

    I think your view of why church attendance is down is a little off (Although I agree that more modern methods are needed). Most Americans consider themselves Religious or Spiritual (71%?). In the past, when I tried to get people for Wednesdays, the immediate reaction was that I am a fundamentalist christian who considers them a “sinner” who needed to be saved. Most large christian denominations have doctrines that contradicts what people are doing everyday as part of their normal lives. Catholics don’t want to have kids every time they have sex, women feel that women should be equal in the church and in the eyes of God. There are Gay and Lesbians who lead a moral life and should be accepted as they are. These are the obvious examples to make my point.

    That is what Rev Leo was trying to get across in his talk to HBCRS. RS accepts people as they are and that is the trend in most religions. But RS is already there. It is the wave of the future.

    I agree with you that new forms of delivery and technology need to be used. Think about things 300, 400 years ago in Europe. An ordinary person goes to one of the large cathedrals for a church services (maybe has to make a pilgrimage). The building is the most beautiful structure he has ever seen(sight). The music-the choir and organ-are the best music he has ever heard (sound). The talk (Maybe) the most mentally stimulating he has heard in months (mind, intellect). There were some great christian scholars and philosophers. So their whole experience was awe inspiring.

    Can anything like that be created with headphones, a 20 inch monitor and the internet? I don’t know.

    Teaching Holmes and his sources is great. The principles are always true and relevant. But I think RS needs to update it’s examples with modern science. For example, IMO, the law of mind has been proven by modern medicine in the so called “placebo effect”. But I never heard it cited in discussions of the law. There are other examples I won’t go into here. My point is that you can update SOM by using examples and discoveries made after he died.


    • Tim,
      Actually Church attendance is down in the United States and is continually falling. There are lots of opinions as to why, none of which can encapsulate that people in general do not trust churches any more. My belief is that for far too many years people have been killing in the name of God, and much of the world have risen from the typical victim consciousness of a God that would have some die so others could live (this isn’t the message we hear about Islam but they are the religion of peace.) The world is also experiencing a global economic shift and people don’t trust church leaders to do with their money what churches used to do. For instance, in the past, there weren’t lots of non-profits providing for people on limited incomes, shelters, food, and basic needs, such as medical, counseling, and recovery. Churches provided that. Governments now provide that. Agencies provide that. Insurance provides that.
      The philosophical aspect of the Truth has had recent discoveries showing that much of what was brought to the people was fabricated and mis-represented, good text purposely withheld from being sacred. And yes, women were not treated fairly or equally within the church. of course, that form of bondage still exists, but it is not as accepted as it was even fifty years ago.
      There weren’t antibiotics, surgeries, modern medicine to assist people to overcome physical and mental challenges, so prayer and the hope of healing through some divine avenue looked pretty good to people. We have the internet and can access so much information ourselves now that we don’t have to rely on what others say, we can actually deveop our own line of thinking now instead of being told how to think.
      So Church is not as widely accepted today for countless reasons, and it certainly is not as wealthy as it used to be of a business. Just ask the catholics!
      Science of Mind is not based on new sciences, it is based on Spiritual principles of metaphysics. Whether there are good examples of how the mind works or how an observer can change even the random number generator foward or in reverse timeframes is irrelievent to metaphysics, because metaphysics is beyond the physical. Any test or experiment must always be done in a physical environment with some “form” of result. There is no way to measure consciousness. No demonstration that can be proven as consciousness. It is a concept. The only One.
      Money is down in churches pretty much across the board…and yes there certainly are churches doing much better than others, and each church has their own experience with that. Trying to make Religious Science be a one size fits all is not what religious science is about. This is a Universe of Love and Law, and neither Love nor Law knows we exist for if it did it might choose one of us over another. Neither Love nor Law acts solely for One and each can use either for his or her own demise or enhancement. It has no feelings, if it could feel it might be over-emotional or depressed. So by the very nature of trying to change something on the outside we leave the basic tenets of religious science, like a name change, or policies that support greater equality, or anything. Don’t you think that if consciousness was our guiding light none of us would be in the dark? Don’t you think that if we didn’t worry about how the world thought about religion, church, centers, love, hate, war, etc., and all we did is focus on Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience, that that would be enough? wouldn’t that alone demonstrate…isn’t that seeking first the kingdom of heaven? What else could God be but Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience? Once we have the All-Power, the All Present, the All Knowing right where the understanding of consciousness is, is there really anything else to know?
      So, for me to have a good time with all of this, I think all I prefer to use technologies that were not utilized 3 years ago, and that definitely weren’t around 10 years ago. I believe they call it cutting edge. And usually when something has a cutting edge, something gets cut. For me what gets cut, is the idea of doing business beyond the realm of Religious Science, adding in all the crap that so many other churches/centers are using. Heading back into tribal consciousness. No-one gets healed until there is an idividual consciousness that knows its Oneness with all that is. While the group is doing the thinking for everyone, there is no develped sense of self and without that—all you have is bondage!
      Great observations as usual Tim. Always enjoy your fresh approach.
      Rev. Les.

      • Also Tim, I see i missed a few points. Intentions come from the heart that has no personality…it is built around the unconditioned aspects of Love. Expectations come from the mind and are filled with emotional requirements and come from the conditioned side of Love. Remember…Love is all there is becuase I say God is Love and Love is God. What ruins the relationship (which is hypothetical anyway at this point) is any idea of not-meeting up to some need you have being fulfilled. Or even your own judgment for your own expectation for yourself to act or respond a certain way that you yourself do not fulfill, which just enacts another reaction to fulfilling expectations.

        Intentions cause action. Expectations cause reactions. Anything that derives its present from the past is not appreciated, especially in relationshps. But that might be hard to accept.

        Misture was the word not moisture, though I get where you were going with having a moist experience!
        When we mix anything with with our Good, we don’t have Wholeness. if you add anything to water water is altered, you Don’t have pure water. WE can have no accusation in our good. We cannot have evil in our good. We cannot have any polarity with our good, any opposites, any limitation. There can be no confusion, no discontent, no hatred, no violence mixed in with our good. My God is my Good and Good is my God!

      • Awesome Tim!
        I love that you have such an awakened Spirit about you.
        There is no harm in disagreeing whether only slightly or strongly. In the end, all that matters is how your life works for you, not what anyone says to you or for you. You are the arbiter of your experience and I would never want to take that from you…Hell!!! You can see by the Story Within Me, I am no one to direct someone else’s life! I am having a go at my own.
        What I do love about you Tim, is that you take the time it takes to discover from within yourself, what it is YOU need for you.
        On a side note…today’s blog is coming out and its title is:

        It’s all God…But is it all Good?
        Rev. Les

  4. RE: Intention and expectations in relationships
    Yes, it is all hypothetical now, but now, before the marriage and relationship, is the time to get my head straight. Figuring it all out after everything turns to crap doesn’t do me much good except to avoid making the same mistakes the next time.

    And my head does need a lot a straitening. My situations is that I inherited money and my moms’ condo when she died. Now the money is running out. One expectation I have is that she will start contributing to housing and food cost immediately and will “save me”. In my situation, that is unrealistic and would be disastrous to the relationship.

    As for intentions coming from the past: Often I have been treated a certain way because of what the ladies’ ex husband did and the relationship they had. That gets old quick. I have experienced it clearly by the second date.

    RE: Science and RS
    I disagree strongly with your point of view. We can discuss this in the future. I think you need a focus group member who is a level headed good or great scientist. He or She doesn’t need to know RS.

    RE: Church attendance
    I agree with your analysis which is much more thought out and better than mine. I do think that person to person promotion causes the “Oh no, evangelical christian” reaction in many people. That has to be taken into consideration. Attraction avoids that situation.

    RE: Cutting edge technology.
    You mean my non HD CRT TV is not cutting edge? What about my 8 year old computer and landline phone? Obviously not my area of expertise, I can only offer the POV of a luddite.

    I think this concludes this discussion for me. Getting some clarity on intention and expectations in a relationship was the payoff for me and what I need to work on. But that is really another topic. Some concluding remarks (an expectation, I know) from you and we move on.


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