Treatment to Know My Word as Law

Play audio file here:  Treatment to Know My Word as Law
Download printable PDF here:  Treatment to Know My Word as Law

Purpose and Recognition:  How many days have we spent trying to make things happen, only to discover that we may not know how things become as they do, or the way we would like them to be.  So we keep pushing harder and harder against that which is already contained within us, that which acts with utter ease once it is understood and used properly by us.  This is the very action of our Word.  Our Word is Power.  And it sets a law in motion which goes about making things happen based upon our thought, backed up by our acceptance and our faith in it, powered by our conviction of that acceptance.  To understand…Say:

I know there is One Infinite Mind from which all things come.  This Mind is in, through, and around each and every person, place or thing.  It is Power, Peace, Presence, Love, Life and Good.  All the Power there is, all the Presence there is, all the Love there is, all the Peace there is, all the Good there is, and the Life there is, is the Word and the Word is God Omnipresent.

Unification: I am One with this Life, Power, Peace, Presence, Love, and life that is God expressing as me!  God is Mind and that Mind is my mind NOW!  The Law that is the action of God Mind is the law that acts upon my Word from within me NOW!   I am One with Mind and the action of my mind is the law of my life.   Out of Mind comes the Word.  My Word and the Law that is God are One.   My thoughts and Law are One and the same.

Realization:  There is One Infinite Law and every time I think, Law is set in motion.  There is One Infinite God and every time I speak to God, I receive a direct answer.  ONE!  ONE!  ONE!  It is the Only Mind there is and every time I think I use It.  There is One Infinite Spirit and every time I say, “I Am,” I proclaim It.  “There is only God and there is none else.”  There is One Limitless Life, which returns to me exactly what I think into It.  ONE!  ONE!  ONE!  “In all, over all, and through all.”  I now talk, live, act, believe and know, that I Am a center in this One.  Therefore, the Infinite is in and through me, equally in and through everything.  “As I act as though I am, that I become.”

Thanksgiving:  I am so very grateful for the experience of living from this place of acceptance and belief, grateful that all my actions and all my thoughts become the experience of my life.  I love my Life and the Life of God as me.  My cup runneth over with joy!

Release:  And so I easily surrender this Word, the Word I have spoken here and now, into the Infinite action of the Law of Mind, feeling, sensing and believing that it has always been this way, it is this way NOW, and shall remain as this forever more.

And so it is.     Amen

Modified from The Science of Mind, pg. 323

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