Treatment to be Free of Wanting Things

Play audio file here:  Treatment to Be Free of Wanting Things
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Purpose and Recognition:  It’s easy in these times to feel unfulfilled; to hold an idea that if we had a certain “thing” or “things” that our lives would be improved.  And certainly, there are some “things” that the body or finances may require, however, wanting is not requirement.   We must look to the Truth to fulfill us, and in this we find where our needs are met.  You may ask “What must I know in Truth?”  Say:

I know that “God is Substance and Substance is supply.” Right where I am the Living Spirit of God is.  Pure Spirit creates All Things out of Itself and there can be no lack in God.  Nothing is great and nothing is small to the Divine.  All Things are God expressing in Its fullness and in Its Wholeness.  All that was made, shall be made, and is made, emanated out of the One and is eternally Perfect, Whole and Complete.

Unification: My Whole Inner Being is conscious of my union with the Divine.  All that God is I Am.  I am One with Spirit. My Word is proof of the “Presence, the Power and the Law of God working through me.”  I am surrounded by, immersed in, and expressing Pure Spirit, God—The Living Spirit, RIGHT NOW, as me!

Realization:  I realize that it is this awareness, within my consciousness, where all the work must be done.  I surrender any feelings, thoughts, or actions that might persuade me to believe in a power outside of myself; a power that could supply to me something that I require.  I know and trust that there is no lack in God, and that “the Spirit within me does not long for anything.”  My Spirit is free, safe and satisfied.  There can be no sense of insecurity or of inferiority.  I have no need to avoid anything, therefore, I am conscious of my ability to meet every situation.  “I do not look to anything outside myself to give me pleasure, comfort or certainty.”  I live by the awareness of God as my Source, my Substance and my Life.  Everything that is required for health, happiness and security is supplied easily and effortlessly, for Spirit within supplies all that is necessary for a happy and successful life.  “I am surrounded by Substance, which is always taking the form of supply and always manifesting Itself to me in the form of whatever my need may be at the time,” therefore wanting is no longer a component in my experience.  I am free of all want for I know that I Am Supply.

Thanksgiving:  I am grateful to know and to accept this Truth NOW!  Grateful that my life is the Life of God.  Grateful for the Truth that sets me free.  Grateful that every word I have spoken is acted upon.  My heart is surely glad.

Release:  I release this Word, the word that I have spoken into the Law of Mind, believing that my Word is Spirit and it is Life; and the Law has no option but to produce the corresponding action.

And so it is.     Amen


  1. Chris Edwards says:

    Great treatment Les, my favorite part of all your teachings was the transformative power of the spoken work prayers. Thanks for the shift(s)!!

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