Treatment for Safe Travel

Play audio file here:  Treatment for Safe Travel
Download printable PDF:  Treatment for Safe Travel

Purpose and Recognition:   Each and every day, life asks us in our mobility to step out into the stream of life, and sometimes that can seem exceedingly risky.  Being of sound mind, and complete alertness, aids us in changing the risk factor, but is there something else we should be taking with us?  The answer is yes…God.

I know that there is only God animating All of Life.  Each and every molecule of Life is vibrating with the safety and assurance that God Mind is maintaining All Things perfectly.  There is only One Driver that navigates the Universe maintaining Perfect Flow and Perfect Harmony in the interweaving of All Things into One Perfect Fabric.

Unification: I am One with the One Driver, and All that I Am is the perfection of the action of this One.  The driver of the car, or vehicle next to me, beside me, in front of me and behind me are an emanation of the One Driver, just as I Am.  All that moves, moves by a single activity within the One, and the One moves me and All Things equally.

Realization:  I realize that though there may appear to be a many, each and everything is simply a projection of the One.  All Action around me, and by me, are a demonstration of that One.  That which drives me, drives all.  We are all perfectly protected through the direction of God within, to easily navigate even that which appears to be fearful, congested, or overwhelming.  I easily navigate the vehicle I choose for mobility to carefully respond to the very will of the Universe, as I am finely attuned to Its direction.  I move with ease and grace through all things, knowing that the perfect and right navigation comes through Divine Mind.  I know nothing can harm me, or endanger me or anyone around me for I am filled with the Life that is God and therefore, all that God is in Its Perfect navigation, now lives and moves and has its being by means of me!  My hands are the hands of God.  My eyes are the eyes of God.  My reflexes are the reflexes which the Divine navigates my life through All Things.  Because I realize my Oneness with All that there is, ‘no harm comes near my resting place.”  I always arrive in time, on time, in safety and gratitude.

Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for this realization; thanks for knowing that Divine Mind is orchestrating All Things into their Perfect Pattern and I know my place within it.  In gratitude I surrender any need to control my life and offer it up to that One Infinite Presence in faith that this One Life is my Life NOW!

Release:  And so I release this prayer into the Law of Mind, feeling, sensing and believing that all of this is True.  Nothing more need be done by me, and nothing more can be; for I have released this in complete conviction that it is done.

And so it is.     Amen


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