Treatment to be Reunited with Lost or Stolen Goods

Play audio file here:  Treatment to Receive Lost or Stolen Goods
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment to Receive Lost or Stolen Goods

Purpose and Recognition: When something appears to be lost or stolen, misplaced, or just missing, often we may feel injured, violated, begin to judge others or ourselves, when all we really want is to be reunited with those items that we consider part of our Good.

I know that God, the Infinite Source of All that Is, is right where I am.  It is the living, breathing, pulse of that which takes form in a manifest idea, and it does this through Its own Creative Law.  From the outermost part of the Universe to the inner most fiber of my being, everything that has ever appeared, taken form or been a thought, is eternally present in the Infinite Mind.  Nothing exists but Mind.  That which is of the Mind is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient.

Unification: I know that that which is created in Mind exists within my mind NOW.  I am One with the Allness of God, the Wholeness of God and the Truth of God.  God lives in me as me, and therefore everything which has ever been in my life must be One with my life eternally.

Realization:  I claim that all that I have, and all that I have ever possessed is RIGHT WHERE I AM.  Nothing is lost in the Mind of God, therefore nothing can be lost in my mind.  I know that all I have created must remain within my consciousness, and therefore I can never lose that which I own by right of consciousness.  God has never lost a star.  God has never misplaced the sunlight.  God has never had anything stolen for All that is remains within the Wholeness that is God.  I claim for myself right now, that I am Whole, and all that belongs to me, whether I may have misplaced it, had it stolen, or whether I cannot feel it, sense it, or know it is where I am, must by right of consciousness reappear before me, just as the sun reappears every day after disappearing into the night.  I accept every Good thing which is mine NOW, and realize the Power of this Truth by surrendering any fear of loss, infringement of ownership, anger, or upset, judgment of myself and others,.  I accept in their place, Peace, Joy, Elation, Satisfaction and Gratitude.  I proclaim my right of consciousness and know only that which is mine must return to me NOW!

Thanksgiving:  I am grateful for this acceptance; grateful for the realization that what I own, I own by my acceptance of my Oneness with All that is.  My stamp of gratitude is upon that which has been given me through my awareness and I humble myself in thanksgiving for this Good.

Release:   And in this gratitude I release this Word into the activity of the Law of Mind, knowing, feeling, sensing, and in total acceptance, that this treatment is True.  Is has been True, it is True, and it shall always remain True.

And so it is.   Amen


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