Treatment to Forgive False Accusations

Play audio file here:  Treatment to Forgive False Accusations
Download printable PDF:  Treatment to Forgive False Accusations

Purpose and Recognition: Each and every day we are surrounded by other people; people who may have agendas, mistaken understandings, and people that may harbor hurtful intentions.  Everything that we encounter just shows us someplace else where we can practice our Truth Principles, even when others don’t believe or practice what we believe and practice.  Forgiveness is the highest Spiritual practice for us to ascertain if we are to experience Love in our lives.

I know that there is One Loving Presence that is God.  God that is everywhere present, in and through All Things.  This Loving Presence supports the highest expression of Love throughout all the Universe and Right Where I am.  The Presence is without judgment, without blame, and intends only Good for One and All.  God is the only Good available for Life.

Unification: I know that I am One with this Good, One with the Loving Presence that is God.  My name is Perfect in the “eyes of the Lord” for my name is I Am Love.  Unified in the I Am, Perfect Peace is who and what I am.  Together as a whole, I Am Blameless.  My God is my Good and Good is my God, and that Good is One with me NOW!

Realization:  I claim that anything that anyone may have said about me in the past has no bearing on the fruits of my present, and all that I am is justified by Grace.  No words shall define me, nor shall any false appetites influence my name.  No unjust actions befall me, nor does the impurities of anything outside of me impact my health, my joy, my prosperity, my destiny, nor my Truth.  “There is no mixture of evil in my Good.”  There is no anger for there is nothing to be angry about.  There is no hurt for there is only the painless expression of God rising up from within me.  There is no pain or upset in any word that may be said against me for I know that only the Truth of God prevails in my experience.  No person shall ever have power over me for I am Living Love and I know that Love never says a hurtful word; never poses a threat; never needs to be more for it and it alone is Perfect, Whole and Complete.  Forgiveness is an action of Love and rents the veil of imperfection exposing the Truth of Life itself.  Those who may need my forgiveness are set free from bondage for I hold no penalty against them.  Those who may cast false witness against me easily and effortlessly are now set free in my mind, never to return again, and disappear into the nothingness from whence they came.  I am as pure scarlet and I see all in their Pure Essence.

Thanksgiving:  I am grateful to be a Perfect Child of God.  Honored to experience this Life unencumbered by the thinking of the world around me, and I gratefully express my Love, the Love of God, to all individuals and institutions.  My heart is overjoyed by forgiveness.

Release:   I release this into the Law of Mind, feeling, sensing and believing that the Law has acted upon my Word and made it so.

And so it is.   Amen


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