Treatment for Inner Wealth

Play audio file here:  Treatment to Discover Inner Wealth
Download printable PDF here:  Treatment to Discover Inner Wealth

Purpose and Recognition: Noticing that there are certain situations and things that can drain the strength of wisdom and wealth, to practice an inner wealth not contingent upon outer sources or outer satisfactions becomes a powerful discipline to bring new life to everyday living.  Something that lives within each of us continually provides us an Inner Wealth that cannot be diminished by anything outside of us.

I know that right where I am the Abundance of the Universe is pouring Itself into me and All things around me.  All that moves within my space, or within my consciousness, is the Allness of God demonstrating Its Love and Its Fullness.  The ever-increasing Life of Good is manifest through the entire Universe, leaving nothing with anything lacking, satisfying everything and everyone with Its overflowing Grace.

UnificationI know that I am One with the Wisdom of the Universe, One with the Abundance and the Prosperity that is demonstrated as All that is Available.  I unite myself with that Presence which created the Universe seeing myself as an Eternal Reality filled with the Good that is available.  My Oneness keeps me in Perfect Peace and Perfect Harmony with Wealth, for I and Wealth are One.

Realization:  I realize that Inner Wealth originates within that One Infinite Power and Presence that is God.  Everything that has ever been created carries with it the entire Abundance of God for God creates out of itself and leaves itself intact in its Wholeness and Its Allness, thereby never being divided.  I recognize my Perfect Wealth as being my realization of how I am created, an entirety of God, able to bring forth from within me all that is necessary for my Perfect experience of Life.  I allow the Greatness of God to rise up from within me, blessing me with Great Wealth and generosity, so that I may continue in the countenance of Grace.  I accept this Inner Wealth as that which I draw upon whenever things feel less than enough, or whenever I think I am not sufficiently satisfied, so that all things in my life resolve themselves back into the awareness of what I am and how blessed I am.  I praise my life, and I use my Inner Wealth to raise my Life.  I do this all in the name of Love.

Thanksgiving:  Grateful that I have come to this realization, I allow my heart to release its full flow of Grace.  I give great thanks for this Truth.

Release:   And I release this into the Law of Mind where all that is moves and lives and has its being.  I surrender anything that may hold me back from having this experience, and I allow the Law to perform its action without my hindrance or doubt.  Released, let go, and believing it to be done, I simply let it be.

And so it is.   Amen

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