Treatment for Perfect Employment

  Play audio file here:  Treatment for Perfect Employment
Download printable PDF file:  Treatment for Perfect Employment

 Purpose and Recognition: So many people experience being employed in a line of work that no longer fulfills them, or quite possibly, some may need to become employed to sustain their life.  Often, with so much pressure and uncertainty of other events that may be occurring in life, it becomes difficult to make decisions that lead us to the Perfect Employment.

I know that there is only One Good in the Universe, and that Good is everywhere present and always loving.  All that is Good lives and moves and has its being within each and every thing, every person, every situation, and every opportunity.  This Good is available to all because it lives within All and is All.

Unification: I know that I am One with this Good, One with the right livelihood of Life Itself.  Perfect and Right Opportunity is right where I am and I am right where It is.  It and I are One.  I am united in the Perfect Creativity of the Universe, and All Opportunity is constantly expressing right where I am as ME. I am the place of Perfect Employment.

Realization:  I realize that each and every opportunity that becomes visible to me is my consciousness pointing me in a new direction.  I easily see the value in each opportunity and choose wisely from that which is presented.  That which is mine to do is easily discerned and I rise to the occasion with Joy and Excitement.  All that is available to me is presented to me alone, and therefore it has my stamp of individuality on it.  The Perfect and Right Employment is already awaiting my recognition and I affirm that I can NOW “see it!”  Completely assured of my continued success, I step boldly towards It, and allow myself a greater freedom of satisfaction than I have ever experienced before.  Nothing stands in my way for God in me has ordained this as Perfect and Right.  Nothing can take my Good from me for it is mine and mine alone, and in my gratitude I share my good fortune with others.  I acknowledge the Divine for providing for everyone the Perfect and Right Employment, and creating that which is Divinely Ordained for each of us.  I joyfully accept this gift.

Thanksgiving:  In Thanksgiving I surrender any doubt, any belief in lack, any resentment or upset that has placed a barrier between me and my Perfect Employment and I am thankful for now experiencing this Good.  I am filled to overflowing with Gratitude for this new awareness.

Release:  And so I release my Word into the Law of Mind, feeling, sensing and knowing that this Treatment has already demonstrated and my Life is now lived with Joy and Success.

And so it is.   Amen


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