Treatment for Healthy Kidneys

Play audio file here:  Treatment for Healthy Kidneys
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment for Healthy Kidneys

Purpose and Recognition: We often forget that the body is a Spiritual System comprised of the organs, cells and tissue of the manifest body of Spirit.  Also, in this line does stagnation, ill-health and suffering come into our physical bodies.  Our circulatory system is a complex system matching the complexity of the Universe, and when impurities enter that system, havoc ensues.

I know that every Divine Idea, are the ideas of Perfection.  Perfection is the demonstrated outcome of Life full and complete, from the most visible form to the minutest detail, cell, molecule and atom in Creation.  All of Creation flows easily and effortlessly in Perfect Harmony, and this is the activity of Divine Right Action.

Unification: I know that each and every organ of my body is the activity of Spirit moving in and through me as me, in the Perfect pattern and the Perfect design.  I am created in the image and likeness of the Creator , and Its Perfection continues as me  NOW.

Realization: My body is a Spiritual System that is Perfect, Whole and Complete, lacking nothing and nothing can be added to me that could hinder or destroy this Perfection.  Life is circulating Perfectly through every organ, tissue and fiber of my being.  Every cell moves effortlessly through me to the Right and True location at the Perfect and Right Time, with all the Right energies and essentials to continue to power and support the health of my body.  No thought of worry, doubt anxiety or fear enter my mind, and so my mind supports the healthy idea of Life within me.  My blood stream is cleansed of any contamination that I believed in in the past, and therefore holds within it every essential chemical requirement the system of my body needs.  Because I am made of the Spiritual Truth of Being, nothing can be left out for my Being to remain in Its Perfect Health.  There is Perfect elimination and assimilation within me NOW, and forever more.  “There is a discerning Intelligence which separates the false from the true” and I align with Intelligence NOW!  That which flows from me and through me is the Fullness of Spirit and all that I am is the free flow of Spirit to every organ, muscle, tissue and fiber of my being.  “No waste substance is allowed to remain in the system” for Spirit within me remains Pure Joy.

Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for the Truth of Being.  I am grateful for this Perfect Action that constantly is taking place in my organic body, knowing only Health and Wholeness as the outcome of my gratitude.

Release:  And so I release this treatment into the Law of Mind, which is the Action of the Body of God, knowing, feeling, sensing, celebrating, and believing that the Law has made this so.  I give a pure and willful release, allowing this to be so.

And so it is.   Amen

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