When Trouble Comes Upon You

How many times have you encountered trouble or difficult and uncomfortable times?

How we cope with these times tells us more about what we believe and practice than about the current events we are experiencing.

I’ve heard many people complain lately about the economy, the elections, the state of affairs for the world, trouble with their jobs or their families, houses being lost, and even threat of suicide.  It’s challenging to be a minister in these days because even religion is trying to find its own way.  Yet…I find great comfort around all this turmoil in my relationship with that Higher Power within me that I call God.

Now, don’t  start projecting that I’m pitching a God line towards you; I believe that each and every one of us believe in God in some way…even if it’s not believing in God.  And what I know is that when we believe more in what is unseen than what we are seeing and hearing in the world around us, what we discover is that our perspective of those things around us change.

But what are the steps to coming into an awareness of this Higher Power when so much around us points in another direction?

First of all…I think it is important to ask ourselves:

  • Do I think God or some evil thing has brought this condition upon me?
  • Is it necessary to hold onto my disbelief about God when life is actually working to give greater Good to me anyway?
  • If there really were a Power “greater than me” that could restore a calm, serene, loving world around me…would I be willing to believe in that?
  • What am I afraid would happen if I discovered that God lived within me as me?

What goes on in the world is the attention I am giving to my own decisions on a day to day basis.  Even though the actions of others around me is not exclusively my responsibility, when I recognize that my brothers and sisters in life (each one of you!) are part of this one great big experience that we call Life, and that all of us are here contributing to the conditions of the world, then that’s when I believe we start to recognize that what we experience today, adds to the greater picture of humanity for its own evolution.

So first of all, let’s look at whether we think God or some evil has brought this upon us (whatever the “this” is).

When we see ourselves as victims to the circumstances happening around us, or even those uncomfortable situations that we might be experiencing in our own lives,  what we have in fact believed, is a false idea that our reality is based on someone or something else making the decisions in our life.  The most effective way to overcome this is to understand and believe that we are responsible for our decisions and the outcomes of those decisions.  Once we get this, we can then begin to a allow a Power “greater than we are” to rise up from within us and begin guiding us into more loving decisions for ourselves.  Decisions that ultimately will begin to alter the current direction in our lives.

Don’t give up when you don’t see an immediate result because you are in a pickle and need a quick fix.  You most likely didn’t get into this fix or situation at the drop of a dime…but persistence pays off sooner than most of us are willing to accept.

Occasionally when we wake up to realize that only we can be responsible for our own life, and we begin to allow that Power within us to guide us in more and more of our choices, but we still haven’t let loose of the “God we don’t believe in,” often we ask:   “Is it necessary to hold onto my disbelief about God when life is actually working to give greater Good to me anyway?”, especially now that things are starting to resolve themselves.  (Often we still resist at this point to believe or trust in that Power that is “greater than we are,” simply because we still have more doubt than faith!)

Many people try to work harder and harder to make what never worked work.  I certainly have tried this method.  I resisted the God-thing for longer than I care to admit as a minister…but I did.  What I did do was find terminology that worked for me until I could move past my own issues to accept God as a Power, Presence and Principle, that is both Wisdom and Love.  Ultimately, we’ll find that our working hard becomes senseless, once we discover that just doing what is in front of us and not trying to do “too much” to make things happen the way “I” need them to happen, not only creates a smoother transition from struggle to Grace, but it provides a sense of peace and well being.

None of us need to over work to do the things that this loving Presence does for us so easily and effortlessly, that is, once we place our misplaced trust (doubt) in It instead of our own limited abilities.  I say limited because it is us that have blocked this Wisdom and Love from being our support in the first place. (That’s how this whole mess started!)

Believing in a Loving Presence that is the Principle of Life is the only real way of reaching our desires that I know of.  Now I know there will be intellectuals that will argue for their own personal achievements and talents that can just as easily work this out for them…to which I ask…if that is the case, why don’t we use those talents and personal achievements and avoid our troubles in the first place?

Once we discover that God is who and what we are and that this Power and Presence is the One Principle that is demonstrating in the Universe…the limitless Power of the Universe becomes fully available to us.  Our belief supports the direction that this Loving Presence can restore us back to safety, success and surety.  The heart of success lives within each of us.  It can’t fail, nor can it quit or create anything outside of It’s Nature.  It’s Nature is Good, a Good that has no opposite, and no mixture of evil, hate, resentment, want, or need.  So when we turn to that…and we hold steadfastly to the Idea of Truth, then those things which appear to be troubles in our lives disappear, and in their place is Peace, Harmony, Health, and Joy.


  1. Awesome! Got the reminder right when I needed it 🙂

  2. This has been the case for me holding on to things that don’t serve me further. As the storm have passed and grace returns in splendid ways. i know every event holds sometime of message. if i get quick tempered or irritated or judge I am not in Divine alignment. This only show’s me my practice must increase. so my realization is saturated in truth.

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