Treatment to Stop Regretting

Play audio file here:  Treatment to Stop Regretting
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment to Stop Regretting

Purpose and Recognition: Everyday there are things that come up that can be a reminder of opportunities that may have been missed, or interactions with other people that could have completely gone a different direction, or quite possibly even certain methods that were known as beneficial but avoided or just plain ignored.  What brings about a greater sense of Life is to no longer regret those experiences.

I know that there is only One Eternal Moment in Life Itself, and that is RIGHT NOW.  There is only One Eternal Presence living Its Life through this Eternal Moment, and in It is all experience and all opportunity.  From the outermost reaches of infinity to the inner most places known to man, this Eternal Moment is expressing as Perfect, Whole and Complete.

Unification: I know that I am One with this Moment, One with Life and all its opportunities.  I am perfectly united in the Whole in this Present Moment.  All that I am is the endless opportunity to experience Life fully, and that Fullness is mine NOW.  I am One with IT!

Realization: Those things which may have grabbed my attention and been stuck in my mind, no longer have residence within me.  I easily and effortlessly move beyond the story of my past, letting go all pain, discomfort, anger and hurt.  All those moments of regret easily pass from me like a wave returning back to the ocean never to return the same wave again.  I allow a greater receptivity for New Things to enter my mind, and gratefully release all those memories that no longer serve me.  That which has held me captive in resentment no longer has any power over me for I AM filled with the Living Spirit of the Eternal Moment, forever creating this Moment in newness and Joy.  All that surrounds me now, smiles at me for the ability to “see” through the veil of limitation and into the clear vista of Perfection.  I am set free from anger, worry, doubt and confusion, and all the friends of regret that can no longer remind me of the past. I accept and claim, RIGHT NOW to accept today as the most important moment to focus on and refuse to give attention to the past; for I now live in this moment.

Thanksgiving:  Joyful for this newly realized life that lives within me, my heart overflows with gladness.  I am ecstatic for my Life Today!  Grateful for Life and for Love.

Release:  And so in Gratitude I release this prayer treatment into the Law of Mind, accepting and believing that each and every word of this is True.  I simply move from this prayer forward, in ease and grace as the Law makes this so.

And so it is.   Amen

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