Treatment to Allow Myself to Forgive

Play audio file here:  Treatment to Allow Myself to Forgive
Download printable PDF here:  Treatment to Allow Myself to Forgive

Purpose and Recognition: It is said that all pain and suffering in our personal relationships comes from an attachment to an expected outcome. So Forgiveness is the single most important element in Spiritual Evolution that opens the door to Love.

I know that The Universe is composed of Love, built upon the principle of Love, and demonstrates as the forms that Love takes. Infinite Life Itself is the expression of Love. There is nothing that was made that was not made in Love, and All that is, is the Power of Love to see only Itself. The Universe is the One Infinite Perfect Love expressing as All that is. It is in all, through all, and is all.

Unification: I know that my Life is the expression of Love. I am perfectly unified with the Truth of Life as Love expresses through me as me. Infinite Love encompasses all that I am and all that I do. Love and I are One.

Realization: Every experience of my life is the activity of Love coming into a fuller expression. Even when I see and feel that an attack has been made on my person, I turn to that Infinite Expression of Love within me, and reframe my experience into One of Love. No longer can any past injury rent space in my head or my heart. No longer do I value what I “may believe” was the underlying intention, rather, I conceive of the Greater Truth of Being always being in expression in and through All People and All Things. I no longer allow thoughts of distrust, unhappiness, unworthiness and disrespect to interfere with the onward expression of Love in my Life. I see that every encounter I may have had with other people, whether friends or family, co-workers or acquaintances, has always been a call for me to express Love more fully than I ever have before, and I acknowledge that each of us are doing the best we can with all that we are conscious of at any time. Therefore, I claim that I am now fully aware of my responsibility to first Love, before I reason what others are being in the moment. I no longer let the past haunt me, nor do I let those thoughts about wrongdoing interfere with my expression of Love whether that wrongdoing was mine or others. I forgive myself and others for ever thinking that I was injured, or that I had become a victim to circumstances, and I rise up into a greater fulfillment of Love in this moment right now, therefore allowing others to make their own journeys without my consent.

Thanksgiving: I am grateful that Love flows freely through All. I give thanks accepting and offering forgiveness for every hurt, pain and suffering that has existed in my Life. My heart is brimming with joy, free now in the ecstasy of forgiveness, feeling the “Love”.

Release: And so I release my Word, the Word of Love and Forgiveness, into the Law of Mind, feeling, sensing and believing, that I am free; that this Word is manifest, done NOW, and forever more.

And so it is. Amen

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