Treatment for Overcoming Health Challenges

y audio file here:  Treatment for Overcoming Health Challenges.
Download printable PDF here:  Treatment for Overcoming Health Challenge

Purpose and Recognition: Because there seems to be a lot of agreement in the world for sickness, disease and pain, it isn’t uncommon to begin to believe some of the hype that the body should undergo physical challenges and ultimately those challenges to become health issues.

I know that Life is created in its Fullness and it Allness.  God, the Living Spirit of Health and Wholeness, created this Universe devoid of imperfection.  All that God is, is without lack, limitation, and corruption.  That which is Perfect lives and moves and has Its being within all of Life.  Wholeness is in action throughout Life.  Health is in action throughout Life.  Completeness is in action throughout Life.

Unification: I know that my life demonstrates as the very activity of the action of Wholeness and Completeness.  I am One with the Life that is God, demonstrating in complete Health.  That which created the Universe out of its Perfect Self, created me in its Perfect image. My Oneness is Health.

Realization: When I look in the mirror I see nothing but Perfection.  When I sense my body releasing something, I remember that it is only eliminating that which I have begun to believe in, and simply acting out the Health of God.  As I am attuned to the Truth of Life, I remember that anything short of Perfect Health is simply a superstition that I have fallen into a hypnotic state to express, and I now awaken from my spell with a greater sense of Wholeness and Health.  I no longer agree to the ways of the world, to the thoughts of those around me, or to the ideas and concepts of material medicine.  I know that my Health is in my awareness of the Truth of my Being, and that All that I am is the Perfect Activity of Health and Wholeness RIGHT NOW!

Thanksgiving:  I am grateful to open the eyes of my soul to see the Truth that I am Health, and I am Wholeness, and that no disease, pain, or illness can come near me.  My gratitude supports my belief and brings a greater degree of assurance in each denial.

Release:  And so I now, easily and with great conviction, know that the Law of Mind has taken these words and is Right Now, producing a corresponding experience in my Life.  I don’t wait for this to occur, I know it is done!  And so I just release this into the Law of Mind.

And so it is.



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