Treatment for Perfect Love

 Play the audio file here:  Treatment for Perfect Love

 Purpose and Recognition:  No longer choosing to sit in desperation, in need of something to   fulfill me, I turn my attention toward that Greater Presence that is surrounding me and all things in   this very moment.

I recognize the Infinite Power of Spirit expressing Itself as Divine Love.  A Love so pure that no words can describe it, and no thoughts can encompass it.  That Love is right where I am, and it is the very animating Spirit of all of Life.  It is All-Loving and ever-present, demonstrating Its Joy and Celebration throughout all of Life.

Unification:  I know Love expresses perfectly as me, and that all that I am is surrounded by and infused with Love.  The Heart of Oneness is my heart NOW!  The understanding of Wholeness is complete within me.  The union of Truth and Principle live within me and show forth as my Love NOW.

Realization:  All of Life conspires to give to me the experience of Perfect Love.  All of Truth and Principle govern the very activity of Love bringing forth its Good Fruit in my Life and the Life of everyone and everything.  I am empowered to demonstrate beyond any demonstration I have made thus far, showing that the activity of Love is already manifest in my life.  I realize that all my interactions with life generate a greater expression of Love and therefore I am fulfilled and enthused to express Love even more.  Love is who I am and what I express.  Everyone and everything recognizes Love in me as me.  And I graciously receive back, Love.

Thanksgiving:  My heart is overflowing with gladness, and I am grateful for Love.  Grateful that my Life is a Perfect demonstration of Love.  And it is from this grateful heart that I joyously celebrate Perfect Love…in this moment.

Release:  Graciously, and with complete conviction, I release this treatment, this prayer, this Word of God, into the very action of the Law of Mind, knowing that it is done.  I believe it to be so.

And so it is.



  1. Tim Murphy says:

    Ever since I started listening to Rev Les’ treatments I have been feeling better. I hope the same has been happening to all of us.

    Thank you for all that you have done.

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