Treatment on Gratitude

Play the audio file here:  Treatment on Gratitude

Purpose and Recognition:  Every once in a while, something magnificent happens.  Something that maybe was unexpected, or you knew it was going to happen, but just didn’t realize that it was going to happen so incredibly beautiful.  When this occurs, there seems to be nothing left to do but to give thanks, to really acknowledge how all things are brought together by Life, that brings us together, to do really great things.  And so with my heart overflowing with Gratitude…

I recognize that God, the Living Spirit of Life Itself, is right where I am.  ITS Magnificent Nature of giving endlessly, is always demonstrating in and through All Things.  That Nature is Infinite Mind divinely orchestrating the highest and the best experience for Itself and all of creation.  There is only Good, and that Good is right where I am and where everyone and everything is.  God is all there is.

Unification:  I am One with the Joyful expression; One with the Good that flows endlessly into All Things.  Right where I am, is the Power and the Presence of Good, fulfilling Itself and pouring Itself into the cup of Life, making everything an enriched expression of Itself including me.  I am One with Life, One with the Joyous Giving of God.

Realization: I accept for myself, and for everyone, great Good, claiming that my awareness has “touched the hem of the garment” and yielded a satisfying harvest; One so complete and awesome, that I proclaim the Power of Truth, right NOW!  God is Good!  God is Good!  Everything that flows towards me brings Its Good with it, and I am grateful to receive it.  I accept and embrace this gift, drawing only from that which is necessary for today, believing that this Good is endless, and boundless, and timeless; therefore, this is no need to “store-up” for tomorrow.  No “thing” can diminish the flow of Good to me because I realize the Infinite Nature of God is to bless and fulfill.  Openly I receive my Good, and lovingly do I share it with Life.  My heart is filled with gladness, and all my actions announce it.

Thanksgiving:  I am so very grateful for this realization, grateful for having the continuous Love of God pouring ITS Good into my life.  Humbly, I honor this gift, and I give thanks for it.  Thank You God.  Thank You Life.

Release:  And from this thankful heart do I release this treatment, My Word, into the Law of Mind, knowing completely that each and every Word is done.  Gratitude flows through my word and the Law recognizes this and demonstrates accordingly.  Through this action, my thanks continue.  Living from this place…it is done.

And so it is.


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