Treatment for Prosperous Living




Listen to my audio recording of today’s treatment:  Treatment for Prosperous Living

Purpose and Recognition:  As we accept a greater realization of the Abundant Nature of God, we turn our attention to the Power and Presence that created all the known world.  And in this acknowledgement, let us now surrender into the Infinite Fluidity of the Universe, as we recognize, that there is only One Source, and One Substance, One Infinite Creator of All the Life and All the Love, All the Good that could ever be imagined or experienced.

Unification:  I know that I am perfectly unified with everything in my experience, and because I know this One Life is my Life NOW, I believe that this experience I have with Life is my Creation.  I am perfectly aligned with my decisions becoming that which I experience.

Realization:  And it is in this alignment and the acceptance of IT that I realize the Power that lives within me…the Power to expand and become more than I have ever been before…And I am joyous in this realization.  I claim for myself NOW the activity of Perfect Acceptance of that Good which is constantly surrounding me and pressing itself against me, and I choose wisely that which I receive.  I expect only Good to come into my household, into my finances, and into all my affairs, that I may continue in this understanding and expression of the Infinite Source of Supply.  I speak my Word that that which I desire is already present in my Life and demonstrating in this very moment!  There is nothing for me to seek, for My Good already exists within me and I easily bring it forward to support me and sustain my every need, desire and want.  I do this not for me, but as the demonstration of the Infinite Supply of Spirit within me, as an expression of ITS GOOD.

Thanksgiving:  And so from this very awareness, I express my gratitude and it continues to flow endlessly for “my cup runneth over.”  Grateful for the Truth that I believe and accept.  Grateful to bear witness to all the Good I see and experience.

Release:  I lovingly surrender my word into the Law of Mind, feeling, sensing and believing that this Word which I have spoken already is demonstrating in my experience right now and I have nothing more to do and nothing more to say, as I allow the Law to continue to perform its action perfectly. So I release this now…

And so it is.


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