Increasing our Supply Requires Practice

How often have we heard our teachers, mentors and those we trust tell us that the key to having more requires a different set of beliefs?  I couldn’t agree more, however, I also know that for the Spiritual aspirant, prayer comes into play.  Which is what I want to look at today.

Each one of us in our own way has thought about, dreamed about, and quite possibly prayed about our lives being richer; filled with greater supply, and endless joy.  And I wonder if what we have experienced is a sense of being hypnotized by what our teachers, mentors and those trusted friends or coaches, have supplanted within our thought process.

Most of our beliefs are a combination of what someone (whether it’s our parents, teachers, friends, and mentors) has told us, mixed with our own intuition (usually through some wild trial and error system), and what our imagination has dreamed up as being possible.  (I say being possible because all dreams carry with it an implication that we are present in the dream.)

But how many of us truly would like to prosper and increase our supply?  And as far as I can discern, there is only one sure method…practice.  Not just any kind of practice either…but consistent practice!  WE MUST PRACTICE THE TRUTH!

First, let me say that practice of the Truth is hard work.   We have all seen some masters of financial success demonstrate greater wealth and prosperity.  The television and Internet are filled with success stories and each one of these methods claim their fruitage.

Even with Jesus at the mountain when he is said to have fed the multitudes with very little supply, there were people said to have been traveling with him…studying with him…practicing with him…yet how many of them were capable of demonstrating supply in his fashion.  (This is not to make an exception out of Jesus…this is simply an example to demonstrate a point.)

Most of us practice at the level of the followers and not of our mentors, teachers, masters, or any other person that may be demonstrating around us.  And it is true…it is much easier to be fed by our masters, or to have our mentors or teachers do our work for us; but that is their demonstration not ours.  We can at that point, only have what they can create for us.  What if we could create at a higher or greater level?  Wouldn’t we be missing out on an increase of supply if we only relied on others?

Just like those that followed Jesus, we may have sat at the feet (or a desk or an office) of someone that could demonstrate supply, and teach us how, and yet, once we leave their sight…we fail to practice.  We cannot practice beyond our current awareness within our consciousness.  During their tutelage we rely on their consciousness because we doubt the power within our own.

This is important because it demonstrates a level of practice not merely practical but ingrained in our consciousness.  If we are to increase our supply we must change our practices.  We must begin to do “our” work

“To have what we never have had before…we must do what we never have done before!”

Our consciousness gets saturated by the impress of the world around us, and if we are to change our patterns and our practices, then we must become aware of what we believe about what the world is telling us.  To achieve greater influx of supply we must maintain a consciousness that is high above the mesmerism of the world around us.

I have found that the Truth makes people uncomfortable…at least those people who aren’t searching for the Truth.  But what we do find is that as we begin to understand and live from a place of Truth (that there is an unlimited supply of Good available to everyone) and more to the spiritual way of life…we become less and less interested in the ways of the world.

And what are the ways of the world?

  • Spend more
  • Save less
  • Earn more
  • Shop until you drop
  • On sale this week only
  • If you have this you will be…
  • Live for today

The practice of Truth applies to every activity and condition of our lives.  We are practicing the Truth that we believe in every moment of the day.  And this is where prayer may be helpful.

  • Don’t pray for things…say “thank you” for what you already have.
  • Don’t pray to be prosperous…say “my source of supply is endless.”
  • Don’t pray that God will help you…know that God is “Grace” active in your life.
  • Don’t pray to be healed…claim your Wholeness.
  • Don’t pray to receive…be willing to give.
  • Don’t pray for a miracle…announce you are your own miracle.

When we move to this avenue of understanding and acceptance, it becomes easier to see the demonstration of our prayers.  This occurs because from this level of activity in our awareness there is a measuring stick in our consciousness.   Those things that used to tempt us, knocking us out of our sincere practice, no longer have dominion over us.  We no longer have a desire for things to satisfy us or fulfill us.  We already are familiar with the effects they produce.

In the beginning, things that we would see, grabbed our attention and we were easily moved away from our goals; our practice reverted back to the ways of the world.  Now, with our eyes seeing clearly, our minds genuinely renewed, we consciously take the steps that support our forward movement, and suddenly we discover that our supply has increased.

This is intentionally created to demonstrate some of the content of “Making the Connection to Supply: Making sense of financial success in a spiritualized fashion,” a course on living from the Infinite Source within. 

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