Decide to Live Your Life

Decide to Live Your Life

Here in this moment, as I reflect on today, there remains that unsettled sense of incompleteness.

Now I don’t know about you, but I never feel as if I have actually accomplished everything I would have liked to today.  It’s no big thing…I am used to this feeling…actually…I can’t escape it.

Is my list too long?  Do I over-extend my desires by thinking that more needs to get done?  Or…am I just a creative individual that inherently “knows” that I am limitless possibility without the current ability to demonstrate it?

What holds us back from “being” who we came here to be?

How many of us spend more time skirting around the edges of our consciousness, avoiding the destiny that we “know” we came here to fulfill?  If you are thinking I am talking about pre-destiny…I am not.  I am pointing toward that greater fulfillment that lives within each one of us and that contains the perfect evolution of our “sole journey”.

Each of us has within us, an inescapable splendor;   a version of perfection for our own life that cannot fulfill anyone or anything else.  It is specifically ours.  We are individually and uniquely aligned with eternity for the path of evolution that we so eagerly have taken this physical form to express.

Each of us know what we came here to do, but we play a game that we “don’t know” so that we can uncover the Truth about ourselves, and discover what it is.  Funny…then once we realize that we knew and we see that we were playing this game…then we spend the rest of our physical lives trying to recover from having resisted the inevitable—our individual destiny.

How many of us have taken jobs we didn’t want?  Or married partners because we thought this would fulfill us?  Or…how many of us are sitting lonely tonight…unsure of who or what will come and bring with them or it, our eternal satisfaction?  “I WANT TO BE SATISFIED!”  is the internal mantra…invisible to the cognizant mind…but ongoing in the subjective/subconscious mind.  And so we set out again to attempt another task, add another item to the list, seek another mate…a new career…or purchase something to feel contentment.

How long shall we deny our True Beingness?  How long shall we deny that for all of eternity we have never been anything more than what we are right now?  What savior, what pill, what job, what partner, what school, what faith, what organization, what party, what reality can bring what we are into focus?

The answer is simple:  DECIDE.  Just DECIDE.  It’s all in your mind…all of it.  We live as Infinite Beings capable of endless potential and it is all only a decision away. Only a decision away.

Want the life you came here to live?  Decide to have it!

But there is more…(I know…this is when it gets ugly)…you, me, we…have to take action.  Our life only moves forward by first, deciding, and secondly…following that decision with a corresponding action.  We are a law unto our own being.  And following the Laws of the Universe, anytime we put something new in, and then accept this to be the new Truth…something new must be created.

Let’s do this now.  Think about it.  What have you got to lose?  (Only your life.)

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