I am more than what you see

Who I am is more than what you see.

I am crossing the street headed toward you in the crosswalk, briefly our eyes meet, and something inside you reads me, defines me, puts me in some category in your mind, and then one of two things happen:  you judge me or you dismiss me.

I don’t notice you.  The fact that our eyes briefly landed upon each other’s, may or may not mean anything to me, but who I am is more than what you see.

Inside this fleshly form is an inescapable infinite beingness.  A magnificence.  A brilliance that is giving light to my eyes.  There is a realization within me that recognizes everything and everyone, and just like you, all that I see is also put into a category or dismissed.  Who you are is more than I can see.

As I look around and become aware of other forms of life around me, suddenly I see with new clarity, something inside of me recognizes the very essence of All.  Right before me again is that inescapable invisible yet somehow, though my eyes cannot see, I do recognize it.  I feel as if everything is aware of my ability to see through into the reality of being, and then I wonder…is everyone else having this experience?  Who besides me knows that I am more than what they see?

You see, it’s compelling.  What if each of us could all read each other’s inner most thoughts and desires and see that we are all just playing…”I am more than what you see?”

How would you be in the world if you knew that each of us is more than just what you see?

Because…I am more than what you see…and what I see in you…may be more than what you see in me.

Have you ever been judged for something and you knew you were being judged?

This has happened to me many times…so much now that I think I am beginning to expect it on some level.  Now what I have discovered is that much of the feeling of being judged has a lot to do with the unhealed awareness of our own shortcomings.

We all have a past but not all of us have dealt with the pain and upset, or the disgust and embarrassment of actions we may have expressed out into the world.  Much of our pain and sorrow, depression and anger lie at the helm of carrying around with us unhealed areas of our lives.  And so, the feeling of being judged is nothing more than our own ideas about ourselves being brought forward for healing.

Every time we have an opportunity to “see” one of these unhealed areas and we choose to project that feeling onto the moment (or someone else), we get that feeling.  You know the one, the one that says, “I am more than what you see.”

So the statement stands true.  I am more than what you see…I am the unhealed stuff and the pure holistic self made up of infinite beingness…perfect, whole and complete.  I am a tangled hierarchy of experience, thought and desire.  I am the dichotomy of perfect imperfection out picturing as life not fully expressed.  Yes…I am more than what you see.

We all are…and yet…becoming more and more every moment.



  1. Wow I feel you wrote this straight to my heart….it hits the nail on the head thank YOU! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Wow you are a teacher and an awesome man!!

  2. Les, I so enjoyed your insightful and inspiring thoughts…you are right on when you talk about feeling judged having a lot to do with the “unhealed awareness of our own short comings.” I am reminded that so often we do to ourselves and others what was done to us. So often I find that most healing begins when we truly believe in our own “worthiness.” Thank you for seeing us all as more than we appear. Blessings, Suzi

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