The Magic of Being

Everyday we are called to respond to things, to people wanting us to deliver something, and to living in a world that is rapidly changing faster than we can change with it.

There must be some way, some action, some hidden secret to how a certain select group of people manage the change.  The magic of being holds the key.

So there are just a few things to practice to learn the magic of being:

  • Listen to what your inner self hears in the ensuing change
  • Don’t analyze a situation, follow the guidance of the inner self
  • Move away from confusion or doubt and step towards the unknown
  • Be willing to not react, but rather, exert patience before saying or doing anything
  • Let the feeling become the information that guides you

And finally,

  • Become attuned to what is, rather than what appears to be.

When our lives ask us to experience something that we don’t want to, or to live something that we don’t feel is right or good for us, be prepared to use these practices to avoid thinking something is to be overcome.  The magic of being is about noticing what we are feeling before we go to that place that wants to know the outcome even before we know what the experience is supposed to be.

The magic of being is allowing…Not dictating what needs to be experienced but being open to seeing yourself having a brand new adventure with Life.

We waste so much time trying to figure things out, trying to plot and plan, trying to get the result before the experience gets to unfold.  Our basic nature wants us to relive a previously lived experience because what we know is more familiar than what we don’t know.  But be willing to feel, rather than to know.

The Magic of Being is in the feeling.

To be stuck in a previously lived moment is not magical, it is mundane.  Have you ever heard, “Go for the feeling?”

The Magic of Being is in the feeling.  If you want to feel like you are really living, then be that Life by choosing to listen to what the inner self hears in changing from a past style of living to newness and adventure.  To really live is to not analyze any given situation but to follow the guidance of our inner self.  To live is to move away from doubt and uncertainty and move towards the unknown joyfully excited about what we could feel and how new that is to us.  Living is patiently stepping back to allow things to unfold and value the time things organically unfold in their own natural way.

Don’t say or do anything,  just avoid coined reactions.

The Magic of Being is more about being attuned to what is so that we don’t miss out on the Presence demonstrating as we are experiencing this now moment.

Every moment of every day is about recognizing the Magic of Being.



  1. Awesome!! The magic of being…….I say yes to it!!!! I’m stepping out of the mundane!!

  2. Mari Young says:

    I am practicing this right at this moment! I am floating around to different churches and none feel right….trying to stay in the moment…..let me know were you land Les because that will be my church 🙂

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