The Key to Finding the Right Balance

One of the most common themes in many people’s lives is Balance.  However, when each of us look closer at our own lives, what we are most apt to discern is that much of our lives are out of balance.

A balanced life consists of more things that can be viewed in this blog, but there seems to be some areas that should be viewed first.  The one primary area in our life that can bring a greater balance to every area is Spirituality.

Spirituality in today’s language means many things to many people, and this is not a discussion of which form of spirituality is better or more satisfying; this is about finding balance within our spiritual connections.

If we take the time to look at what it is we hold sacred, and then ask ourselves: “Am I serving this sacredness or am I just participating in it by skirting around its edges?”  For most of us, our lives are busy, crowded with the demands of living in this fascinating world filled with technological gadgets and media stimuli; not to mention, our everyday demands of earning money to pay bills.

But what is it that we hold sacred?  If we can practice acknowledging that, and giving it quality time every day to understand what within us holds this sacredness in place, and begin to unwrap our feelings about why we hold something sacred, what we will find is that there is an aspect of our being that is seeking expression.  Sacredness, is what Spirituality is comprised of but it is not its focus.

Our Spiritual lives afford us deep freedoms, that can only surface when we bring consistent attention to the intention we hold about the thing Itself.  It doesn’t matter what that is, it only matters that we can identify what gift it holds for us.  Spiritual living is nothing more than realizing a deep inner connection to something that gives us a renewed sense of self and then living from that new awareness.  It’s really nothing deeply profound, nor is it something that is ineffable.

This ability to become alive to our True Self lives within everyone, and each of us possess everything we need to achieve whatever it is we came here to express.  Whatever that is is the sacred.  When we find that, we find where balance originates, and where that balance is created through.  When we begin to walk toward this “sacredness” and we reason with ourselves that nothing can stop us from reaching this realization, balance is achieved in the most important area of our lives:  the Life Inner Knowing.

The Key to Finding the Right Balance is in knowing.  Knowing what you hold sacred.  Balance is automatically reached when we begin living from this “sacredness” and applying It’s Truth to our everyday living.  Each of us is sure to reach this balance when what we hold sacred actually becomes sacred to us.

The Keys:

  • Find what you Love
  • Love what you find
  • Use what you find as a way to Love more fully
  • Loving more fully changes the center of everything
  • When things are centered they are balanced
  • Balance is centered by Love
  • When we Love, we are in Balance.

Pick an area of your Life and apply these keys.  Everything else changes when one thing changes.

Love:  It’s our job description!



  1. Awesome, and so true. I have been aware of the of this other Master Key BALANCE, I use to do lots of YOGA as a tool to get centered and it works. It is a awakening inwards. The next level is practicing regular and for me meditating twice daily, then I am in sync with my Spirit, the whole world is seen for me with the eyes of

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