10 Easy Steps to Getting Past Our Biggest Issues

When was the last time that you took a real hard look at things going on in your life?

If you’ve waited too long you already know it’s time to do something!

We do things that take us into despair, and quite often, we are cognizant of those very things that we shouldn’t do, but we do them anyway.  Our on-going patterns and beliefs not only support our dreams, they support everything that destroys our dreams.

As  a counselor and practicing Spiritual Guide, I have discovered some very simple steps to discover those areas of our lives that fail to supply us with that vibrant joyous exhilaration of just having a beautiful Life.  People have come to me for years to discover their Truth, only to go home and not practice.  But practice we must.  We can get past these if we but take action!

Most of us really would like to let go of those behaviors that cause us pain, but we don’t know what it is that we should be doing and so we continue to make the same choices and decisions over and over.  It’s what the recovery programs talk about being insanity!  “Doing the same thing and hoping for a different result.”

So the ten easy steps begin by:

  • Begin by picking any area of your Life that isn’t working.
  • Ask yourself  if there is something else you would rather feel.
  • Once you get your answer, be still…quiet.  (for 5 minutes)
  • Promise yourself that you will not take any action today to overcome your issue.
  • Sit with the issue by writing about it and ask yourself if what you are feeling is True.
  • Write about the feeling in your journal for ten full minutes.
  • Go into the journal and circle all those things that resemble each other or are tied to one another.
  • Decide what the common theme is.  What do the comparisons tell you?
  • Write in your journal about what the comparisons tell you about yourself.
  • Make an intention to forgive yourself and release whatever you discovered in your writing.

Now that you have identified, performed your inquiry, accepted that there is something there and done something about it by recognizing it as a theme of yours, allow yourself to own it by giving it a name.   Just by naming something our awareness does something and we will automatically go about trying to eliminate it.

You will discover that you can do this in any area of your life.  And once you begin, the wheel of recovery speeds up and things that you discover take less and less work.  This is where gratitude comes into play:  You must be grateful that you uncovered something in your life that no longer serves you.  Be willing to release the belief so that it can no longer operate in your behavioral patterns.  Don’t wish it away—locate it and then release it through continually being grateful that you have changed.  Announce it to the world!

This is the easiest way to get past our deepest issues.  Practice and you are certain to discover that Life has always been supporting you in everything you do.  It’s that simple.  As soon as you recognize the value that everything in your life brings, all your issues will have been dissolved!

Happy Blogging!

Rev. Les


  1. Mari Young says:

    It is always homework with you isn’t Les? LOL I am teasing I LOVED this blog how true it is and great tools to get out of a rut….AWESOME! I loved this line in the beginning…Our on-going patterns and beliefs not only support our dreams, they support everything that destroys our dreams.
    OMG that is so true and I have found this to come to be my truth over and over. Thank you again Les!

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