Getting Free Through Faith

What do you do when your Life doesn’t feel right?   How many times must we make the same mistakes over and over?  If this seems to be something that you experience, then this blog has something for you:  A change.

When we are troubled by the onslaught of distractions, or when our bodies just don’t want to move anymore, or maybe it’s something as simple as not getting enough cash to pay the bills,  and you just can’t see a way out, then what you may need is a shot of FAITH.

July is just around the corner, and we start this month off by celebrating independence from foreign rule.  We should think about that for a moment and just breathe…breathe…so that we fully remember that not that long ago, our country was ruled by another country on another continent and this is simply a metaphor for outer ideas and experiences ruling our experience.

How long has it been since someone or something ruled your thoughts?  Maybe it was something that someone said to you or didn’t say, or a car cut you off on the freeway, or someone stole your parking spot, or maybe it’s just that old reality cycling back and back and back, to show you where your faith is operating in fear.

We lose touch with our senses by emotional reactions to patterns that have existed within us for longer than we may remember.  And due to the very nature of an emotional upset, a disturbance in our harmony takes place, and when this happens, a follow-up action arises.  We could say, it’s our GO TO BEHAVIOR.

Breaking the cycle from reaction to reaction can be easily achieved with these simple rules:

  • Never go to bed angry or mad at yourself, your significant other, or anyone.
  • Never eat because you are upset or bored.
  • Never tell yourself you are not worthy of something.
  • Never choose being alone over the company of a friend.
  • Never call someone to tell them your story, call someone you know loves you for who you are.
  • Never enter into a discussion to make someone else wrong.
  • Never tell someone else what they need when you can’t help yourself first, and finally . . .
  • Never deny that everything you need to know about Life is already contained within you.

Our answers to the greater events in Life are simply an opportunity to demonstrate that we KNOW the Truth.   “If we desert the Truth in our time of need, simple means that we never knew the Truth in the first place.”  There is something there within each of us that really has our greater interest in mind, and we can tap into it.

Many psychologies point to the E-G-O as something evil and destructive and that quite possibly might be out to kill us.  This is viewing that part of us that actually wants to guide us and direct us, but has been improperly raised and is commonly considered E-dging G-od O-ut.  What if it really was here and it is designed to be used for our greater enhancement of Life and all we need is a slight adjustment?

Because we began with the idea of freedom, freedom from damaging experiences, if we could just make the shift to view the ego as:
E-mploying G-od’s O-mniscience, our lives would then be under the rule of that which brings with it the potentiality for greatness.  The smooth unfoldment of the greater-yet-to-be that we are all destined to achieve.

Pray, meditate, and take an active part in being a good listener.

The Power of our own Inner Truth is always at our beckon call.

In-Joy and Celebration,

Rev. Les DeMarco


  1. Mari Young says:

    LOVE it…..I like the “Never” section good idea to remember!!

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