When our lives change direction

In our lives we will undoubtedly experience numerous changes.  There are those that occur through our childhood rites of passage.  Then we may experience the emergence of creating a family.  We change jobs.  We change our looks.  We change numerous ways and numerous times.  But what stays the same in a world of constant change?

Realizing the value in change
The best thing that I can think of for us to experience in our lives is change.  Yet, this is the most uncertain experience we have in life.  It’s uncertain simply due the fact that when change comes about, we just don’t know what to expect.  And for many of us, we prefer to know what’s coming up.

Our participation with life requires us to try to control conditions and situations, but change just doesn’t seem to fit into this.  But it does!  What if you could learn to effect your change and have the desired outcome despite the fact that typically, change has always been elusive as to what may be the final outcome?

Calculating and creating the outcomes
We have at our command a Law that is ready to completely create anything that is put into it.  But do you know what that Law is and how it works?  It’s the Law of Mind, and it responds by corresponding.  There is a Law in the Universe that responds to our thoughts, words and deeds.  And it responds according to what we believe about our thoughts, words and deeds.

The best way to calculate the outcome of the Law of Mind is to have a clear mental picture of the thing we desire to experience.  This is called a mental equivalent.  When we experience anything it is because we have a clear mental equivalent.  All of our experiences in life are a direct result of the mental equivalent we hold.

If we want to experience something different than what we are currently experiencing, then all we have to do is change our mental equivalent.

The things we can do to change our mental equivalents:

  • Call and talk to a practitioner.
  • Get and buy a book about the mental equivalent.
  • Take classes at a Religious Science Church.
  • Utilize a spiritual practice called “visioning”.
  • Begin to see yourself in a different way.
  • Change what you say about your current experience of life.
  • Take action steps toward learning a different way of doing things.


  1. Mari Young says:

    I find these words comforting. I have been apprehensive to change in the past because of a fear base. Change I thought would take away what I wanted or bring negative into my life. Now change is less fear based and change brings things better and new. Thank you.

    • Mari Young says:

      In a way that is comforting….knowing that something will NOT change and that is change. I need to remember that change is almost always GOOD!!

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