Are you an unsatisfied customer of life?

When life doesn’t return to you what believe you deserve…are you an unsatisfied customer of life?

How many of us at times have cried or whimpered because we thought we deserved more than what we received?

Can we see how we are playing small by not being a grateful receiver?  When we receive something it is only because we have first demonstrated the desire for something…through that we have created a mold which the Universe can form itself into the perfect representation of that.  With this we should remember that there are more elements at play than just our idea of need.  We infuse our needs with a semblance of passion filled with intention and mixed with a subjective pattern of lack.

While all this comes into play, the Universal Law of reciprocity matches these elements and goes about to create an identical replication of this belief.  It creates a flawless original because there is only the activity of perfect action always in operation.

While this is true, as soon as we put a new idea in, the mold is altered and with each new input the mold is altered again.  Raymond Charles Barker said that this is a fluidic creation always molding itself to our desires intentions and feelings.

If we aren’t satisfied customers then our only recourse is to change what we are feeling, intending, and desiring.

The math is simple.  Change one small thing and the whole thing changes.  We don’t have to go after such a dramatic change as to totally recreate ourselves…just take a step in a new direction and you will immediately find yourself moving in a new direction.  When we do, we shall have a new found love for life.  Then, you may be providing yourself an opportunity to become a happy customer in the journey of life.  Give it a try.  What have you got to lose but that old stinking experience you weren’t happy with anyway?



  1. Mari Young says:

    LOVED this thank you! I will step it up on the positive input to they mind! I also wanted to thank you for reminding me to be grateful. LOVE these blogs! :0

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