Can our issues create an experience in someone else?

Everyone has issues…let’s face it!

Today in this blog…what I’d like to talk about is whether we feel as if our issues create an experience in someone else.

In Religious Science we have a tendency to teach that we are responsible for our own actions—but what about when our actions impact others.  How about that?

Let’s say we smash into someone’s car because we are looking at our cell phone, or we are talking on the phone to someone and we are arguing or debating a hot topic.  When we have “accidents” like this…do the other people need to own responsibility for the damage done to their vehicles when it clearly is our fault?  Religious science says that it is never about the other person…so where does the consciousness of other seemingly innocent people come into play?

This is difficult, because as a minister of Religious Science I want to uphold the Truth that “we are the arbiters of our own experience”, yet scientifically, I want to leave room for the randomness to still unfold.

So I say, that when certain elements align (not like when mercury aligns with mars) but when our conscious and unconscious actions align with other peoples conscious and unconscious thoughts, we are brought together in one very dynamic expression of the harmony of the Universe.  It’s really just the Universe “killing two birds with one stone”.  Because the Universe maintains perfect records (not like it is keeping score) it is always maintaining order by allowing those similar things to express fully.  It’s the two or more principle being played out in a very different (or should I say less talked about) manner.  There is only One Principle in operation here, that is and will always be performed in a myriad of ways and means.

That Principle here is “the two or more gathered.”  Emmet Fox says, “like attracts like.”  Could that be so with just a simple car accident?  I think so.

When we have issues, what we find is that other people have issues.  When we see things in the Universe (or right here on earth) that we have a dislike to, we are creating dislike in our experience and the Universe is simply a mirror in this respect, mirroring back to us our dislike.

So what about the car accident?

Any accidental behavior no matter how obscure, still produces a “like” correspondent, and because the Universe does not recognize big or small—the smallest unconsciousness can and does produce a corresponding action, only without the need for size.  A slight bump can equal a huge crash.  This is the “law and the prophets.”

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