Are you satisfied?

I’m thinking about mysticism. What we feel our direct response and interaction with that essence that lives within us is. Are we actually having a relationship with it? And if we are…is this relationship proving helpful for us?

What we understand about life is a direct result of what we believe about that power and presence that has so many different names, might just as well be termed God. I have a relationship with God that is so real and so valuable that all my satisfaction comes from this ongoing experience of the Divine.

I have yet to find a day where I don’t have more contact with God than I do with the sum total of everything and everyone else I see or talk to or interact with. There is more God to be revealed in everything and I am enjoying this type of resolve. Do you find yourself being satisfied by your own understanding of what God is in your life? If not…then either you are not courting this presence or you have not come to invite it into your life. Will you allow this benevolent Spirit to inhabit your life experience? What have you got to fear?

So much can be revealed…and this will save you tons of troubles and hundreds of dollars. I am teaching about this regularly. Will you come join us at the Huntington Beach Church of Religious Science? We’d love to share this truth with you.


  1. Mari Young says:

    Interesting…loved these thoughts on the Divine and how you are so close….I would love to hear examples of how you have connected with God? Sometimes I do not feel so close…..I would like to develop a closer relationship as well!!

  2. Mari Young says:

    Let me clarify……besides prayer and meditation what are some tools we can use through the day to get closer to the Divine….I just love those tools!! Thanks!!

    • We are always right where God is, becuase God is who and what we live and move and have our being in. As far as tools, try “seeing” with the inner eye. Contemplate on the magnitude of the Universe, because the mind cannot dwell on more than one thought at a time. If we focus our attention on something greater than our own individual self, what we discover is that we are surrounded and immersed in that very Presence which we call God. We cannot think small while contemplating Greatness!
      Another tool might be to allow yourself time to just Be. Not thinking. Not vegging either. Totally focused on the silence, so that the outside disturbances just “feel” like they are part of the silence—in fact, they are!
      Our vastness of consciousness is just a portal—spread out across eternity—through which we travel lifetimes of transitions between various thoughts on (and you fill in the blank!).
      All we are is Infinite. Not just possiblity—but that which creates possibility and then becomes the object of its desire.
      There is no process that can get us any closer to God—how can we get closer to ourselves. “Know thyself.” “To thine own self be true.”

      • Mari Young says:

        YES!! Thank you that helps a LOT!! I am saving this response and putting it on my notes so I can read it over and over thanks again!!

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