The Other 90% of Your Brain

Lately, with all the rhetoric about rising costs of fuel, food, housing, and so few jobs available, we would do better to understand more of the Truth of the Universe, than to buy into the outer appearances the world is presenting to us.

How many of us actually believe that “with God all things are possible?”

This idea plays into so many of our life areas, that all too often, we forget that we are Divine.  We see ourselves as being totally human.  And as such, we are bound to the human limitations.

When we accept and know that there is a Power Greater than us, and that this Power lives within us, as it lives within the whole of the Universe, we become limitless in our potential.

What would it take for you to agree?  Because, if you believe in the first few lines of this blog, then you really might want to consider accepting more of what is Universally True for everyone.  We possess an amazing ability to think differently, and rarely do we use our full capacity of thought.  You’ve probably heard it said that we only use ten percent of our brain capability in our lifetime.

Does that ever make you wonder about the other 90% and how that can be accessed?

There is an answer for that.  It’s God/Spirit/Infinite Intelligence/Love.  The most unused portion of our mental capacities lies in our relying on human will and human ideas.  What about Divine Ideas?  If the limitless potential of the Universe is contained within the other portion of our brain capacity, or within the 90%, that 90% still is part of our brain.  So why not use it?  Why not let go of the lesser and utilize the greater?

All of us have this unlimited potential within us, and all of us can use any amount of it as we desire.  If your life isn’t what you would like it to be, you have no one to blame, no economy, no rising costs of gas or food or housing, or lack of a good job…all you have to blame is YOU!  For within each of us is a great potential that we can tap into right now.  Want to know how?  Leave a comment below or on our facebook page here and I’ll tell you what you need to know.


  1. Stacy Bozeman says:

    WOW! This is some awesome truth, and it is so wonderful to read about others with this such a renewed mind set as mine.

    • Rev. Les DeMarco says:

      Every aspect of Life calls us to allow for a greater realization and revelation of this Truth…seeing where this Truth is already in operation in our lives opens us up to the greater…not by or through a need to become aware of this something greater already in our lives…but in becoming the greater and setting down the lesser as a way of life.
      Never belief something impossible. Never short deal yourself your own cards in life. Never under estimate the Power to Love…for the Power of Love proves that It and It alone always increases every capacity. It alone sustains. It unleashes unlimited Goodness.

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